The Swiss logistics company Bertschi AG has today acquired Nordic Bulkers AB.

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[ October 17, 2005] The Swiss logistics company Bertschi AG has today acquired Nordic Bulkers AB.

                                                            Nordic Bulkers AB

Information to the customers and suppliers of Nordic Bulkers AB.

The Swiss logistics company Bertschi AG has today acquired Nordic Bulkers AB. Bertschi, the market leader in intermodal transport of chemicals in Europe, has decided to enhance and expand its logistics operations by incorporating Nordic Bulkers, which focuses on intermodal transports and storage of bulk commodities, principally in Northern Europe.

Both companies have several decades of experience in the design and operation of efficient transport systems, cost-effective storage and handling of dry and liquid bulk commodities, as well as serving as logistics providers to the European process industry.

Bertschi and NB are also both acknowledged for high quality, safety and environmental care.

The new cooperation will provide a number of joint effort advantages such as optimized logistics, exchange of know-how in a number of areas such as transport mode specialties, equipment development, handling methods, procurement, etc.

Nordic Bulkers will continue its traditional successful approach of serving customers as an independent company and will continue to operate with the established management and organization as well as the present trade names of NB and Nordic Bulkers.

Customers and suppliers can be confident that the existing contacts, cooperation, service level, etc. as far as possible, will be retained intact.

The most significant change is that Nordic Bulkers, together with Bertschi, will become a stronger and more resourceful organization able to serve its industrial clients in an even better fashion.

We look forward to a continued good teamwork with customers and suppliers to the benefit of all parties involved.  

Dürrenäsch and Göteborg on October 17, 2005

Hans-Jörg Bertschi                                                           Hans Rosén

For further information please contact:

Hans-Jörg Bertschi, CEO                                                Hans R. Rosén, CEO
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  BertschiAG is a pan-European provider of logistics services to the chemical industry. With headquarters in Switzerland and 25 subsidiaries in 20 countries – including Eastern Europe and Russia - the company is market leader in the intermodal transport of chemicals in Europe. More than 70 percent of all shipments are moved by rail or short sea. Bertschi operates a fleet of over 6500 tank/silo containers and 900 trucks, has a turnover of € 280 millions and 1 350 employees.

Nordic Bulkers AB is a true logistics company always striving for the optimal transport / storage system for any dry or liquid bulk commodity – independent of transport mode. The company acts as a logistics provider mainly in Northern Europe focusing on the petrochemical, chemical, pulp & paper, building materials, foodstuff and agricultural sectors. Nordic Bulkers, with a staff of 60, operates from offices in Göteborg (headquarters) & Stockholm, Sweden and run port terminals along the Swedish West- and East coasts. The turnover is approx. € 50 millions.

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