Dry Bulk Industrial​

Nordic Bulkers specializes in providing sustainable transport solutions, individualized storage concepts, and innovative logistics strategies tailored specifically for handling dry bulk products. With a commitment to environmental responsibility and efficiency, we offer a comprehensive fleet of dry bulk containers equipped with advanced features to ensure secure and flexible transportation.

Diverse and Secure Dry Bulk Containers

Within our fleet, Nordic Bulkers boasts a diverse array of dry bulk containers, including those equipped with inner liners and pressurized units. These containers feature strategically positioned loading hatches on their roofs and are outfitted with state-of-the-art safety measures for secure handling.

Our dry bulk containers offer unparalleled capacity and adaptability, catering to a spectrum of product characteristics. In particular, our pressurized units, also known as silo containers, are ideal for specialized materials like cement. With the ability to unload directly into silos, these containers ensure seamless operations and efficiency.

Some examples of Dry Bulk Industrial Transportation



Industrial sand​



And much more...

Cost-effective and environmental Bulk Transport Solutions

We prioritize cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability, making bulk containers an optimal choice for transporting unpacked dry materials via rail, sea, or road. Our extensive range of bulk containers allows us to maximize payload optimization, ensuring the most efficient total economy for our clients.

Partner with Nordic Bulkers for innovative solutions that prioritize sustainability, efficiency, and reliability in the transportation of dry bulk products.

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