Terminal Solutions

Discover exceptional terminal storage solutions with Nordic Bulkers, your go-to partner for both national and international logistics. We specialize in handling dry and liquid bulk products, offering storage services that prioritize the safety, efficiency, and flexibility your valuable cargo deserves.

Comprehensive Terminal Storage Capabilities

At our specialized facilities designed for handling both dry bulk and liquid goods, we take pride in offering comprehensive storage solutions for chemical and industrial products. Our terminals cater to the storage needs of these products, whether in containers or in various packed forms such as palletized goods, bags or bulk. Nordic Bulkers offers more than just a storage location, providing a suite of value-added services to enhance your logistical operations. This includes repacking to a wide range of packages, container decanting, bag slitting, unloading of railway wagons and storage in silos.

The seamless integration of container storage, silo storage and packed warehousing is a distinctive feature of our service. This integration empowers our customers to make decisions on short notice regarding the quantity and packaging preferences for each delivery to their end-customers. Our terminals function as strategic distribution warehouses, strategically located to efficiently supply consignees within their respective regions.

Dry Bulk Terminal Storage

Explore our specialized dry bulk terminal storage solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your cargo. Whether it’s raw materials, minerals, or other dry bulk commodities, Nordic Bulkers ensures safe and strategic storage, optimizing space and accessibility.

Liquid Bulk Terminal Storage

For liquid bulk products, our dedicated terminal storage facilities are equipped with specialized tanks and cutting-edge technology. Nordic Bulkers maintains the highest standards in liquid bulk storage, prioritizing safety, compliance, and preserving the integrity of your valuable liquids.

Benefits of Nordic Bulkers Terminal Storage

One of the key advantages of choosing Nordic Bulkers is the synergy achieved through the integration with all our business units. This integration enables us to offer you a holistic solution, seamlessly combining storage and transportation services from a single, reliable source. Whether you require flexible packaging options, efficient distribution, or integrated storage and transport solutions, Nordic Bulkers is committed to meeting your unique requirements with a comprehensive and streamlined approach.