GDPR & Privacy

Nordic Bulkers applies strict measures to ensure high levels of integrity protection for our own employees as well as for third parties. Facilitating the progress of sustainable entrepreneurship, accommodations are in place for meeting the requirements of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


  • Keeping up with digital development, Nordic Bulkers acknowledges the severity of matters pertaining to security risks and identity theft.

  • In order to measure up to increased levels of security when processing personal data, revisions have been made for both physical and digital security.

  • A Data Protection Group governs the policies and procedures regarding issues of data protection.

  • We train our staff in the proper handling of personal data according to established GDPR-policies and procedures.

  • Only authorized personnel are allowed to handle personal data.

  • There are assistance agreements with every data processor handling personal data on behalf of Nordic Bulkers.

  • Our company’s efforts in abiding to the General Data Protection Regulation are made with transparency. Accordingly, we incorporate our staff in the deployment of the overall data protection strategy.

  • Should you, as an interested party, like to learn more about either our GDPR practice or how we process your personal data – please contact us via our contact form


Our Privacy Policy is available for download in English and Swedish.