Green Solutions

At Nordic Bulkers, our commitment to sustainability drives our choice of transport alternatives. We prioritize eco-friendly options, with a focus on containers and bulk rail cars.

Environmentally Conscious Transportation Solutions

At Nordic Bulkers, we are dedicated to continually choosing and advancing the most eco-conscious transport options. Containers and bulk rail cars stand out as environmentally friendly choices, primarily because of their intermodal nature, which significantly reduces carbon footprints compared to solely relying on road transport. Additionally, they minimize the need for excessive packaging, thus preventing waste and dust issues.

The versatility of containers enables us to prioritize sea and rail freight, recognized as more environmentally sustainable modes of transportation.

Green Transportation Solutions

Sustainable fleet

Continuously, we endeavor to discover eco-conscious solutions for our operations. Illustrations of our commitments include adopting electric trucks and forklifts, alongside installing our solar panels to power significant portions of our electricity needs.

Emission Reports for our clients

In today’s world, environmental responsibility is paramount, especially within the chemical industry. With the new Emission Reports feature in the Customer Web Portal, clients can easily access detailed information about the environmental impact of their transport orders. These reports enable customers to showcase their commitment to sustainability and attract eco-conscious clients.

Operation Clean Sweep

In 2017, Nordic Bulkers committed to Operation Clean Sweep (OCS), gaining recognition on the program’s website for their proactive steps toward achieving zero pellet loss. OCS, a global initiative, aims to prevent plastic pellets, particularly from entering oceans, necessitating collaborative efforts across the plastic industry’s supply chain involving polymer producers, logistics providers, and processors.

ISO Certifications

Achieving top scores across various SQAS quality assessment modules and obtaining certifications in ISO standards 9001, 14001, and ISO 22000 are fundamental benchmarks for us. These accomplishments serve as clear signals to our customers that our quality assurance protocols are robust and efficient.

Optimizing for

Embracing the flexibility of containers, Nordic Bulkers maximizes the use of sea and rail freight, recognized as environmentally superior modes of transport. By leveraging these alternatives, we not only enhance efficiency but also align with global efforts for a greener planet. Join us in fostering sustainability through our eco-efficient transportation solutions, where every journey is a step towards a more environmentally conscious future.